Advent Health Exercise Videos

HNF Teams up with AdventHeath for Movement is Medicine™ Video Series

HNF is proud to expand our Movement is Medicine™ virtual platform with partner AdventHealth for a new collaborative video series. Classes will highlight adaptive exercises that address common CMT-related impairments. 

Exercise has been shown to improve quality of life and function for individuals with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease when appropriately prescribed. Physical therapists focus on strengthening muscles not heavily affected by CMT, balance and fall prevention, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. Research has shown that initiating an exercise program early in the disease process may slow the progression and help to maintain function. In addition, mixed programs addressing multiple impairments are superior to focusing on one single mode of exercise.  

Remember, exercise should be fun and something you enjoy doing! For an individualized program, please consult your local physical therapist with experience treating neuromuscular condition

Enjoy Advent Health’s videos anytime – new videos posted monthly!


Allyson Spivey – Cardio

Allyson Spivey – Lower Extremity and Core Strengthening

Allyson Spivey – Balance Training

Phoi Truong –  Stretching

Phoi Truong – Equipment