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Movement is Medicine™ relies on sponsorship support and member donations so we can continue to provide our members with innovative classes, programs and live events. Become part of the Movement today!

Why Sponsor Movement Is Medicine?



Movement plays an essential role in physical and mental well-being, especially for people living with disabilities or chronic illnesses like Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Our Movement is Medicine™ mission is to foster meaningful connections while virtually providing safe and adaptive exercise & wellness classes.



What Makes MiM™ Unique?

Our Instructors “Get It”!  MiM™ Ambassador instructors are experienced, empathetic, and live with disabilities and chronic conditions themselves. They “get it” —there’s plenty of adaptive options and ZERO judgment in our classes! We offer options for all ages and types of mobility while encouraging our community to offer their feedback and suggestions for optimal inclusion!


How Your Sponsorship will help us GROW

We are committed to nurturing this program and with your support, we will:

  • Provide regular Upgrades the Movement is Medicine™ platform & website
  • Expand our mission and classes to other disability groups (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy)
  • On-board new Ambassadors and Guest Instructors
  • Spread the word through increased advertising & marketing
  • Increase and expand our selection of weekly classes

What Sponsoring MiM™ says about YOU!

  • You believe in empowering the disability and chronic illness community with Education, Connection, and Wellness!
  • You believe that providing wellness for a disability or chronic illness requires a Multifaceted Approach and can be Powerfully Provided by individuals who can truly relate through shared experiences.
  • You support true DIVERSITY, REPRESENTATION, and INCLUSION in the wellness community and recognize MiM’s™ role in breaking barriers for people with disabilities/chronic illness.


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