Julie Stone Videos

Julie Stone – Pilates

This class will strengthen your core to help you with balance and mobility – no standing required! All classes will be taught on the floor.

Julie Stone – Seated Cardio

Put on some upbeat music and let’s get moving! For 30 mins we’ll be focusing on getting our heart rate up and breaking a sweat. If you’re not already in one, all you need is a chair.

Enjoy Julie’s past classes anytime – new classes posted monthly!

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Seated Cardio with Julie Stone – January 23, 2021

CMT Leg Day with Julie Stone – March 17th

Seated Cardio with Julie Stone – June 23rd

 Pilates with Julie Stone – 2/17/2021

Strength Training with Julie Stone – April 20th

Seated Cardio with Julie Stone – July 6, 2021