The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation believes that physical activity plays an essential role in physical and mental well being, especially for people affected by debilitating diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth. The Movement is Medicine™ mission is to promote the safe adoption of a more active lifestyle through exercise and nutrition programs specifically created for those with disabilities.

After each live class we will post recording on this page so participants can utilizes classes at their convenience.

Christine Panico


Christine Panico – Chair & Back to the Mat Yoga

Christine’s classes start out sitting in your favorite chair for some stretching and twisting and then they transition to the floor – on your back – for some restorative poses, hip openers and a little abdominal work to help strengthen your core!


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Julie Stone, Movement is Medicine™ Fitness Amabassador


Julie Stone  – Pilates


Julie works to improve/maintain your strength, stability, and coordination. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, are an avid hiker, or anywhere in between, each exercise will keep in mind how the CMT body moves.


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Julie Stone, Movement is Medicine™ Fitness Amabassador


Marc Diagle  – Strength Training


Take Marc’s classes to build strength! Whether you’re standing or seated, Marc’s classes will work out your major muscle groups to build strength and resilience – appropriate for all skill and disability levels.


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Janice Laurence


Janice Laurence  – Contemporary Inclusive Dance


Explore and improvise through movement prompts, shapes, and phrases that celebrate the joy of inclusive community dance. Janice’s dance classes are for everybody – all ages, abilities, genders, and backgrounds are welcome!


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Janice Laurence


Laura Mayer  – Give YourSelf A Hand!


Give YourSelf a Hand focuses on how to maximize and maintain hand flexAbility, minimize energy expenditure, and learn about “activity/task analysis.” Laura’s class will also help you explore ways to stress-less by being pro-active and most importantly, open up your hands and heart to loving you as you are.


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Janice Laurence

Advent Health  – Virtual Summit!

On Sunday, March 7, 2021 HNF partnered with AdventHealth to host our 1st Virtual Movement is Medicine™ Summit. We’re grateful to the AdventHealth team for all their expert resources, classes and exercises provided during this summit.

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