Hi, my name is Laura Mayer…I am very excited to be here now! I bridge my clinical expertise as an Occupational Therapist, deep intuitive knowing and body of proof that healing and wellness happens when we pay attention and love ourselves no matter what. I am also an author, teacher and kick-ass attitude adjuster!

My greatest gifts did not come from schooling but rather personal life experience. Diagnosed at fifteen in NYC with a progressive, degenerative neurological disease (Anterior Horn Cell Disease) I was told I would lose a millimeter of muscle strength a month –starting in my hands and then progress throughout my body until my death at 40…at age 65, I am thrilled to be of service!

Since my diagnosis, my hands became the focal point of my life. I had to learn how to compensate, monitor energy expenditure and do the best I could. I know all about hands — and I am here to assist you to know and love your hands!

As a practicing Occupational Therapist for over three decades and now as a Healing Activator, my passion and purpose is to help others to activate their own healing within, helping YOU master YOUR life as stress-free as possible! Through Movement is Medicine, we will put some fun into hand functionAbility.

Give YourSelf a Hand – From One Loving Hand to the Other will help you navigate how to maintain flexAbility, minimize energy expenditure, do your own purposeful activity analysis for maximal function and most importantly, open up your heart to loving you as you are.

I am wide open to your questions, needs and concerns. My wish is that these classes will be interactive to give you the most for your invested time and energy.

Enjoy Laura’s past classes here: https://www.movementismedicine.com/hand-exercises/

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