Hi! I’m Molly, a health coach, certified adaptive Pilates teacher, and soon-to-be MSc Nutrition graduate. I have helped over 100 clients feel more vibrant, healthy, and joyful in their bodies using transformational coaching, health & nutrition education, and Pilates.

My passion for helping clients become more accepting of themselves as they are while also focusing on their health is deeply rooted in my personal experience living with Charcot Marie Tooth which causes significant weakness in my legs, feet, and hands.

I spent years trying to figure out how to feel strong and accepting of my body while navigating societal standards around body shape, size, abilities, & norms that triggered feelings of inadequacy.

During my undergraduate degree in Public Health, I discovered the illuminating world of preventive health and nutrition. While I knew I couldn’t change my CMT, I realized I could integrate all kinds of healthy habits into my life that would have positive effects on how I felt and functioned in the world.

The more I learned about the connections between health behaviors and health outcomes, I felt increasing agency over my health – something I often hadn’t felt before. I wanted to shout what I was learning from the rooftops because I felt everyone deserved to feel empowered!

I firmly believe that the way we eat and act around food is an expression of the way we feel about ourselves. By improving our relationships with food and our bodies, we can create huge impacts on our lives and on the lives of those around us.

Today I help clients find ease and freedom around food and acceptance of their now bodies using coaching, intuitive eating, body image work, Pilates, and nutrition &  health education so they can release themselves from the shackles of dieting, restricting, and negative body image.

I can’t wait to work with you on your journey toward food freedom and body acceptance.

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